Racha Elabbas

Racha El Abbas is a Lebanese designer based in Dubai. She started her career as a graphic designer in Saudi Arabia, and later relocated to Paris to pursue her fashion studies at Parsons Paris where she discovered a passion for textiles and surface treatment. Racha was selected by the Starch Foundation in 2010 to be one of six emerging designers to debut her first hand-printed and experimental ready-to-wear collection in Beirut.

Spending a year in Jakarta took Racha back to the basics of the craft and inspired a series of illustrated interpretations of her urban journey. Racha's textile graphics research and design came to life in 2014 in the form of a collection of scarves under the label Racha Elabbas.

The essence of the Racha Elabbas label is in the experimental approach to the design of bold and rhythmic prints that tell a tale of textural contrasts through the juxtaposition of hand-illustrated and digitally created graphics. Racha Elabbas scarves are produced in Italy with only the highest quality fabric blends of silk, linen and modal.

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