KAGE’s A/W12 collection is bound by the love of and enchanted, bohemian style and based on the designers’ affinity with creating clothing that allows for the freedom of self-expression and individuality. 

The AW12 range has been interspersed with inspirations from magical worlds of deranged fairies, to bohemian wealthy socialites and the collection reflects this in its dazzling array of unique designs that incorporate all of our need to revisit the a bygone age when getting dressed up was considered a demanding form of self expression, unlike today.

With yards of lace, deep shades of velvet, fuzzy furs, luxurious tweeds and metallic embellishments, the collection manifests itself in the most exuberantly artisan and luxurious manner. It embodies the designers’ urge for women to take control of their identity and their wardrobe, and unify them with pieces of clothing that are as coveted as your most precious vintage collectible.

Key items from the AW12 collection include; the statement fuzzy navy dress, the beautifully cut black pants with bare lace running down the outer seams, tweed peplum skirts, jackets and waistcoats, floor length lace dresses, cutting edge velvet silhouettes with golden trimmings and a black and white striped jersey mixed with laminated lace.